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Wednesday, January 07, 2004
Long time no post! Not a lot going on in Mariner land but I wanted to talk about (write about?) the Cirillo trade. I think something people miss that Cirillo sucked. He had two years here and he was really bad. And we paid him millions for that. I don't understand why people forget this. Getting rid of Cirillo and getting anything makes this a great move. If the cost of getting rid of him was Brian Sweeney, that's still good. Sweeney wasn't going to pitch for the team anyway and there's always another one of these guys in the system.

Look at what the M's got, too. Wiki Gonzalez will probably go to the minors. We get a good utility IF and Kevin Jarvis. Jarvis is overpaid, yes, but so was Cirillo!! And if Price is so good, he should be bale to get some good innings out of Jarvis. Plus we get a prospect and the M's have a great farm system that can turn these guys into better prospects to use in trades later. It's very hard for teams to unload contracts in this economic climate and we should be amazed the M's got anything for Cirillo, much less that they got some useful pieces.

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